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~Brazilian blow out treatment start at $275

Treatment Menu

(We encourage you to book these treatments with your future appointment!)

Inside Energizing -$30.00

Stimulating & energizing treatment for hormonal & medically related hair loss for fragile hair that is susceptible to hair loss. Stimulates blood flow & helps prevent various types of alopecia


Outside Energizing - $30.00

Seasonal Hair loss Treatment for external factors of hair loss Stimulating & energizing treatment for Seasonal hairloss by stimulating the blood flow in the scalp.


Nourishing- $30.00

Nourishing & revitalizing Treatment for dry hair & scalp Reconstructive treatment for the overall well-being of scalp and brittle hair. Leaves your scalp hydrated and hair nourished.


Intense Nourishment- $45.00

Reconstructive & Reparative Treatment for extremely dry/damaged hair Reconstructive treatment for the overall well-being of brittle, fragile, chemically treated hair. Rehabilitates the scalp & mends the cuticle layers of the hair.


Purifying Treatment- $30.00

Soothe & Exfoliate Treatment for all types of Dandruff Exfoliate & nourish your scalp to prevent both oily and dry dandruff. Leaves your scalp calm and fresh


Rebalance- $30.00

Rebalance your oils Treatment for oily scalp & hair Rebalance & reduce the sebum production in your scalp. This treatment leaves your scalp fresh, and will keep it cleaner for longer. Time to


Detox - $30.00

Detox for build-up & pollution A Detoxifying treatment for hair & scalp Regenerating & detoxifying treatment for scalp and hair from environmental factors. This allows delicate elimination of impurities, leaving the hair protected and full of body.


Replump for volume-$30.00

Fuller & Silky Strong Replump for voluminous locks With Hyaluronic Acid, this creates a hydrating and replumping effect, while building strength and elasticity.


Always Stay Young- $30.00

Youthful & Anti-aging Anti-aging treatment for hair & scalp Maintain the overall health of your scalp with this long lasting preventative aging treatment while adding softness & shine.