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We Joined Green Circle


We are so excited to announce that we are becoming a Certified Sustainable Salon ! In better words, 95% of all products and materials used during your service will be RECYCLED and RECOVERED ! Everything from excess color, foils, hair and empty product bottles, to just name a few,will be safely recycled !

When we found out the REAL numbers of how much salon product waste affects the environment, we KNEW we had to make a change ! 


~Hair releases green houses gasses if not recycled properly!

~ 110,000 lbs of metal from foils are not properly recycled DAILY across the Northeast !

~42,000 lbs of daily excess color when not recycled, ends up back in our soil and drinking water !

Our motto is, "We want to bring out your best YOU". Why not create beautiful hair AND make an impact on something that is so much greater than ourselves. Of course, we all know how hard it can be to ALWAYS make a clean choice for our environment. With the help of Green Circle Salons, our staff, and our admired guests..we can help with the fight for a cleaner and safer planet for everyone.

If you've been a guest with us before, then you've probably seen just how many foils can be used during ONE service, let alone a single day or month. Lis-a-Lis ALONE can save and re purpose 238lbs of metals in a year. All of those foils, guest after guest, will be recycled and used to create bicycles and car parts! Aside from foils... what about the extra color that gets rinsed down the drained while you're processing? Within ONE year, our salon on average produces 98lbs of color waste. That's a scary reality. All of the drained color clogs our waterways, getting into our drinking water! With this new system in place to recycle, all of that color waste will now be turned into ready-to use clean water AND clean energy for our local power grids.

By joining the movement we help the fight for our planet, Green Circle Salons and Davines make turning as much waste into reusable clean energy, look easy !

~Learn more-

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